Acuity MEMS Pressure Sensors

Very Low Pressure Sensor AC3050 Die
Acuity die Family
Low Pressure AC3030 Wafer

Acuity Product Documentation:

    Acuity Sensor Die

    AC3010 - 5 to 300 PSI (300 mbar to 20 bar) Pressure Sensor Die
      AC3010 Datasheet
      AC3010 Dimensional Information
      AC3010 6-inch Wafer Array
      AC3010 Die Picture
    AC3030 - 20 mbar to 500mbar Pressure Sensor Die
      AC3030 and AC3031 Datasheets
      AC3030 and AC3031 Dimensional Information
      AC3030 6-inch Wafer Array
      AC3030 and AC3031 Die Pictures
    AC3050 - 10 mbar Pressure Sensor Die
      AC3050 and AC3055 Datasheets
      AC3050 and AC3055 Dimensional Information
      AC3050 6-inch Wafer Array
      AC3050 and AC3055 Die Pictures
    AC3070 - 2 mbar Pressure Sensor Die
      AC3070 Datasheets
      AC3070 Dimensional Information
      AC3070 6-inch Wafer Array
      AC3070 Die Picture



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