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Very Low Pressure AC3050 Sensor Die
Acuity Low Pressure Packaged Sensors
Low Pressure AC3030 Wafer
      - Next Generation of Low-Pressure Sensors
      - MEMS Silicon Pressure Sensors,
      - Stable Zero Design,
      - Low-Pressure Sensor Die--- down to 10 mBar full-scale and below,
      - Packaged Low-Pressure Sensors - down to 2.5 mBar full- scale,
      - System Design and Application Support,
      - MEMS Commercialization,
      - And more!!!
    Now Available:
      - Low-Pressure, Packaged Sensors from Acuity Incorporated
      --- Compensated and calibrated pressure sensors in pressure ranges below 100 mBar, and amplified sensors down to 2.5 mBar full-scale. Five different package configurations are available to meet a variety of needs.
      --- NEW - AC4080 Series, Low-Cost, Dual-in-Line Plastic Package Amplified Pressure Sensors


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June 10 - 11, 2015
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